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Jail time looms for Safety Consultant!!

Charges carrying jail time have been laid against a safety consultant following the death of a young girl at the Royal Adelaide Show in 2014.

Eight-year-old Adelene Leong was thrown from the Air Maxx 360 ride at the show on 12 September 2014 and died later in hospital. Hamish Munro of Safe is Safe Pty Ltd inspected and verified the safety of the Air Maxx 360 before the incident, according to a Safe Work SA media statement.

Following an investigation, Safe Work SA filed charges against Munro in the Industrial Magistrates Court of South Australia. Munro and Safe is Safe Pty Ltd face Category 1 offences under South Australia’s work health and safety legislation, which carry a maximum penalty for an individual of $300,000 or five years’ jail or both.

Safe Work SA alleges that elements of Munro and Safe is Safe Pty Ltd.’s conduct were reckless and without reasonable excuse. South Australia’s Crown Solicitor’s office continues to investigate the possibility of prosecuting other parties associated with the Air Maxx 360.

New Hazardous Chemical Regulations as of 2017.

Manufacturers, importers, suppliers and users of hazardous chemicals have duties to manage risks associated with hazardous chemicals in the workplace. This includes ensuring the safe use; handling and storage of chemicals as well as ensuring chemicals are classified and labelled correctly under the model work health and safety laws.

If you work with hazardous chemicals, it’s important you:

  • ensure safe systems of work are in place to manage the risks associated with hazardous chemicals in the workplace
  • review your chemical inventory and dispose of chemicals which are out of date or no longer used, and
  • talk to your chemical suppliers to check you will receive GHS labelled stock.

Users of hazardous chemicals are not required to relabel or dispose of existing stock. It is okay to keep using, handling and storing hazardous chemicals labelled in accordance with a previous labelling code in your own workplace if the product was supplied to you before 1 January 2017.

From 1 January 2017, end-users should not accept new hazardous chemical products that are not GHS labelled, e.g. labelled in accordance with previous labelling codes. If you are a manufacturer, importer or supplier of workplace hazardous chemicals, it’s important you:

  • consider how the introduction of the GHS will impact your business, and
  • review your business practices to ensure chemicals supplied to your clients are classified and labelled under the GHS.

Contractor Management:

Contractor management can be a very challenging area for organisations to manage and your obligations under Occupational Health and Safety legislation are not absolved because you have engaged the services of a contractor.

It is important that contractors have a clear understanding of what is required while on site at your workplace and that they have their own robust Safety Policy and Safety Procedures in place.

If your organisation engages contractors or sub-contractors, contractor risk management should be integrated into your Safety Management System. A safety induction which is relevant to the site should be completed before commencing work. The complexity of the contractor management process will depend on how a contractor is engaged, the type of work, where and under what circumstances the work is being conducted.

Take the time to think what you do have and what you SHOULD HAVE!!!….

Before it becomes too late and you are scrambling for evidence you do not have!

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