April Newsletter

Word is out there, the checks are starting!!!!!!!

Well as we go into the Easter break there is some interesting follow up starting to come through from Harmonisation and the effects.

We are to believe the “regulators” are out in the market place carrying out spot checks on the new laws and their communication through ALL levels of the business sector. In Queensland the ranks have been significantly increased to be able to provide a wider coverage over a shorter period of time.

The rural industry is getting a once over as we put this together and talking to our contacts in Workcover the industries that have been performing under required standards as far as injuries resulting in their contributions being capped are also under the microscope. Theses cover not only physically but also mentally safe workplaces.

Some other points to note are the “non compliance” and on the spot fines for non carrying of licenses while performing work, (plant, forklifts and competency) another simple process that you can follow up in your business to make sure everyone understands this requirement.

So the roll out has been completed and now the enforcing process begins.

For those in Victoria and WA it is now a good time to be pro active and start to “change” ready for January next year.

There has been a lot of questions and discussion about “volunteers” in the new role out. There is a great “volunteers information package” available through the safe work website, worth downloading and going through if you have volunteers in your business. http://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/

Something also that is a real focus now is the new code of practice for Hazardous Manual Tasks, to help you all get you head around the “factors” that this takes in account we have included a simple checklist to get you thinking whether there are any risks in your work site that may need addressing.


Tick yes if any of the following environmental factors are present in the task.

Use of a vehicle or tool not suitable for the environment or task
Driving for long periods
Driving on rough roads
Frequent use of hand powered tools or use for long periods
Using high grip forces or awkward postures when using power tools
Use of machines or tools where the manufacturer’s handbook warns of vibration
Workers being jolted or continuously shaken

So as you can see we are “embracing” the changes and will keep you informed if we hear of any more useful information to keep you compliant as well as remaining safe and well.


Lynn and the team at P.B.C.&S

07 3410 8482

April 2012.

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