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Ergonomic Audits help reduce the risk of sick, unproductive and unhappy workers

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An Ergonomic Audit can help create a safer and more productive work environment for you and your staff. Identifying and dealing with ergonomic issues, can also save you real money reducing sick leave requirements, unproductive workers, Work Cover Insurances and future legal issues.

Optimising the design and format of your workplace tools and equipment will help to ensure workers comfort and maximise their productivity. From desk/administration positions through to outdoor and warehouse jobs that require physical labour, the team at Personalised Business will identify any areas of concern and help you implement any recommended adjustments.

Whilst a proportion of good ergonomic design is common sense, there are some principles that take into account workers’ strength, endurance, size, age, range of joint motion, gender and their general health and fitness. Addressing the tools and work methods of each worker can yield maximum benefit for your company.

Ergonomic Hazards

When a job exceeds the capabilities of a worker, you are opening them up to risks such as:

  • CTD (cumulative trauma disorder)
  • RSI (repetitive stress injuries)
  • MSD (multi skeletal disorder)
  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  • Tendonitis and
  • Tension Neck Syndrome

Creating an environment that is ergonomically friendly will directly relate to increased productivity by either doing more work with the same amount of effort, or same amount of work with less effort.

Ergonomic Equipment

Ergonomic equipment plays a large part of creating a workplace that is efficient and safe.

Here is some of the common office equipment that we assess:

  • ergonomic keyboards
  • ergonomic chairs
  • ergonomic mouse
  • ergonomic keyboards
  • computer ergonomics
  • ergonomic computer wrist support
  • ergonomic office task chairs
  • ergonomic office chairs
  • ergonomic office furniture
  • ergonomic posture chairs

And it doesn’t just stop in the office. Many outdoor and warehouse positions require heavy lifting, stretching, use of large and motorised equipment and repetitive physical movement (like shovelling). An Ergonomic Audit can identify any issues caused by the incorrect use of equipment and risks that arise from large and repetitive movement.

Ergonomic audits

By conducting an ergonomic audit, Personalised Business will be able to determine how well your company’s tools, equipment and working environment meet ergonomic objectives. This is done using a cross section of employees using their designated equipment in a realistic simulation. Their performance is then monitored and ergonomic recommendations will be made to improve their working environments.

Here are some questions you may want to consider when looking at the ergonomics of your workplace:

  • Can awkward working positions like twisting or crouching be alleviated through re-design, different tools or work techniques?
  • Can environmental factors such as humidity, heat, cold and poor lighting be identified and improved?
  • Can tools or equipment that cause incorrect working conditions be identified and changed?
  • Is your office equipment positioned to help posture and recommended seating / standing positions?

Considering the ergonomics of your workplace, workstations and physical tasks can increase productivity along with creating a happier and healthier workplace for all. It may also result in a positive outcome for the bottom line of your business with savings in Work Cover, Insurance Premiums and costly Common Law claims.



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