Where is this year going!!!!!!!

Cannot believe it is the middle of March already and this is only the second newsletter we have produced for 2012.

Everybody has been very “reactive” to the new laws and it is a pity the flow has not yet reached our southerners in Victoria or across in W.A.

It has been interesting carrying out the workshops we have been doing and seeing how many business owners and managers out there still are unaware of the changes and their implications. If you or your management / owners would like us to do a 2 hour workshop and presentation, let the office know and we can get this happening.

On a sadder note: It has been a bad start to the year for fatalities in Queensland unfortunately, and could have had another statistic last week as well with the concreter that suffered a shock of 11,000 volts through his body, through a concrete pump line. Thankfully he was brought “back” by a quick acting lifesaver and a defibrillator…

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland is investigating three fatal incidents that occurred last week in Queensland. A worker was electrocuted while working on a billboard in the western Brisbane suburb of Sherwood.

A young worker was electrocuted on a construction site at Clermont, 250 km south west of Mackay.

A worker was killed during the erection of an electrical transmission tower at Jandowae, north-west of Toowoomba. A section of the tower fell while being lifted by a crane.

Could this happen anywhere your employees are working? Consider the effectiveness of your safety management systems in preventing an incident like this from occurring at a workplace.

The Electrical Safety Code of Practice 2010 – Working near exposed live parts applies to people such as:

  • crane operators
  • plant operators
  • painters
  • carpenters
  • people erecting or working on scaffolds
  • signmakers
  • agricultural workers
  • carriers of high loads
  • electrical repairers
  • builders working near exposed live parts
  • anyone who clears vegetation near overhead lines
  • electrical workers

If you do not fit into one of these categories, but are working around exposed live parts, this Code of Practice still applies to you.

This is what it is all about, making sure we have a plan in place to ensure our workers are acting safely and LOOKING at the surrounds before they start their scope of works.

Do you have a “take 5” or “take 5 minutes” in place? Something worth considering.

Remember if you are responsible for anyone in the workplace then you have a “duty of care”…..the only difference is the “depth” that the duty goes!!!!

Remember; give us a call if there is anything that you still are not sure of with the new legislation, or if you would like a workshop run for the team. Stay safe and make sure your team around you does not become one of the statistics that we have just spoken about.

Don’t forget to check out our new web site at….post a BLOG about facts and points of interest, or use it to ask a question, give us some feedback!


Lynn and the team at P.B.C.&S

07 3410 8482

March 2012.

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