December 2013 Newsletter


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

This newsletter will no doubt find you ready to start your Christmas break, or for some, deciding who has drawn the short straw to be “on call” over the festive season.

For this reason we wanted to send out the last newsletter for the year so that some “planning” and “thought” can begin for the next challenge we face, 2014!

There will be some changes for our business next year and we will be able to extend our “offer” to our valued clients.

First Point: We will have a person on our team that is a “qualified Drug and Alcohol” tester. We have taken on this extra service after listening to a number of you requesting contacts for, or referrals to, a provider. Our decision therefore ensures that we are able to offer a service that has been requested and is carried out by a person that has our business, and our client’s satisfaction, in their best interests.

Second Point: After a great deal of “searching” for a compatible certification business to work with, we have finally found one that we are happy to refer our clients to. They have the same business ethics as we require and we seem to be able to “compliment” each others offer, in other words we are happy with their business professionalism and acumen. Therefore we are now able to offer ISO Certification through this relationship in Quality, Environmental and of course OHS. Having the “certification” ticks are now becoming more and more the request especially in the area of tenders and preferred suppliers.

Third Point: Along with the certification supplier we are also happy to say we have been able to form a “working relationship” with an RTO that is able to offer accredited training in some areas that require actual qualifications to be delivered. This will again prove valuable for the clients that are looking for the same “personalised service” we have been offering.

Final Point:  Watch this space as we will be sending out further information re the changes to the Bullying Laws which come into effect on January the 1st.

So as you can see we are looking forward to some exciting times when we all return from the Christmas break, and the “silly season” returns to one of normality!

We will be having a break from the telephones and computer over the next week until we see in the new year, however if you need us for any reason, just phone the office and leave a message and one of the team will come back to you.

We will not “desert” you in your time of need just because it is Christmas!

Once again, Merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year.

Thank you for allowing us to share your businesses with you this year and we look forward to catching you all in 2014

If any of the “extra” services we will start to provide is of interest to you and you require extra information please let us know.

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