July Newsletter

A new financial year and a good reason to assess where you are at with WH&S.

Well a new financial year and for most of us we have survived another 12 months of business “taxing” and “changes”.

A new year brings the chance to re assess our businesses in a number of areas as well as the area of WH&S and compliance, so we thought we would give you a few triggers to get you thinking………….

Ask yourself these few questions!

  1. What will my work cover insurance premium look like when I renew it? Have I had to make a claim?
  2. When was the last time I went through the “due diligence” checklist we worked through when the laws changed 6 months ago on the  1st of January.
  3. Have I looked at the training matrix I said I would focus on when we talked about the changes to the legislation requirements? Have we completed the training we said we would undertake? (Ergonomics, Manual Handling, Harassment)
  4. Are all the current workers I have with me up to date with their competencies and Inductions? (Including Volunteers and Contractors)
  5. Have I booked for my Annual Audit review of the business and action plan which also forms part of my due diligence or Governance?
  6. Are my documents and templates current  and up to date reflecting the new legislation? Have I amended the dates and reviews that align with my document control?
  7. Have we undertaken our required testing of the emergency procedures for our business? Remember this is still a yearly requirement.
  8. Have we been holding and recording our meetings (consultation process) as required. This is still a minimum of every 3 months and clearly stated in the new Regulations.
  9. Have we worked out the requirements and feel comfortable that we are covered with “Working From Home” and “Home Office” requirements?
  10. Do I have a clear understanding of what and where I need to report serious incidents and dangerous events? The definitions have changed so am I up to date with them?

So how did you go with the answers?

Well done if you have answered all of these with conviction and assurance that you are in line to where you need to be. If you haven’t it is time to get some planning happening.

These questions were sent through to get the thinking and planning process started, ready for the next 12 months.

Remember if you need any checklists to help define some of these questions let us know and happy to send through.

If you need assistance in turning these questions from a NO to a YES again let us know.

Lest make this year a profitable one by staying safe and fir for work!!!!

The best outcome for your bottom line!!


Lynn and the team at P.B.C.&S

07 3410 8482

July  2012

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