June 2013 Newsletter

Who could believe we are half way through this year already!

Sorry we missed catching up with some of you at the safety show last week, but we decided to use the money we normally spend on floor space and a stand as well as a week out of the business and invest it back to our clients, so we are happy to offer the same discounts we would have through the Safety Show, so just contact us and we will share with you some savings to help get you through the next half of 2013.

We have come across a number of really good reading articles over the last couple of weeks and they are a great topic for tool box discussions or staff meetings when you hold them. Thought we would share a couple for you to use now and will post others on our web site for you to refer to from time to time.

This is about the cause of injury and death through texting and the culture that the whole social media has brought into the safety management of both work and private life.

Also what the “effect” is re inductions, a little light hearted but very relevant to the world of safety professionals.

I hope you can use these as a training tool for your work and remember to keep checking our web site for more “useful information and tips” you can share with your team.

Oh!!!….do not forget, once you share this with your team, document the process and it becomes “training” for your compliance requirements (due diligence).

An idea for a Toolbox Meeting or a family gathering. “Please, put the phone away”, how one text at the wheel can kill.

TRIVIAL text messages sent or read by drivers at the wheel have claimed the lives of at least 20 people on the nation’s roads and left many more injured, a News Limited investigation shows.
A man believed to have crashed while texting a smiley face icon to a mate is among current cases being probed by state coroners and police.
Other short messages linked to recent fatal accidents on the nation’s roads include “I’ll be home soon”, and “Hey are you still coming today?”
The News Limited analysis of police, court and coroner’s records reveals text wreck victims over the past decade include drivers, their passengers, other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.
Revelations of the mounting death toll have prompted a coalition of grieving relatives,
road safety groups, mobile service providers and others to unite in a bid to stop such accidents.”

Discussion 2. OHS Induction “A common cause of Hypersomnia”

Its 08:00 in the morning and a team of landscape gardeners have just arrived at their new jobsite; they have a 4 week contract to do the landscaping of a new garden at an office building. Before they are allowed to enter the worksite they’re first herded like lemmings into the dreaded OHS training room, where they have to endure their fifth OHS induction in the last 12 months.
As the team wait in participation for the OHS advisor to arrive, beads of sweat start to appear on their foreheads. Knowing that for the next 2 to 3 hours they will have to listen to the same old story about following risk assessments and method statement, wearing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE), and of course the safety guys favorite non-motivational quote, “we all have a legal and moral responsibility to follow the safety rules”. Then with chest puffed out and chin held high the trainer will ask if there are any questions, (of course, there won’t be) hoping he can share some more of his technical or barrack room lawyer knowledge before sending them on their way to work. However there is only one real challenge for the team, which is to try and stay awake long enough to complete the multiple choice questions at the end, and get that Zero Harm Induction sticker.
Now the point I’m trying to get across is the vast majority of OHS inductions are simple boring and non-engaging, yet it shouldn’t be the case. Any induction can be a fantastic opportunity to communicate with workers and help them understand the importance of safety and the role
they play in achieving a safe workplace. What are yours like that you have in place?”

So I hope these give you some ideas to start a different approach to discussions in your workplaces and still have the focus on safety and culture.

Remember if you would like to take advantage of our “Claytons Non Safety Show Deals” let us know and we will send you more information.

Until next month stay safe. Remember if there is anything you need assistance with, you know who to contact!!!

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